Rabbi Bellows Message

January 15, 2023- 5 Shevat 5784

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to share that Beth Am has become a Faith Partner with Viator House of Hospitality. We join dozens of other faith communities to partner with Viator house volunteers, supporters, sustainers, and people dedicated to welcoming refugees and working for immigration reform. To learn more about Viator House of Hospitality, click Here

Thank you to Sandy Lorgeree and the Beth Am Anti-Hate Taskforce for making our work with Viator house a priority. In the weeks and months to come, we will share dates to tour Viator House and how we might be of service to Viator House as a community and as individuals. 

The note below is from our friend, Father Corey Brost, the Executive Director of Viator House of Hospitality. 

Dear Beth Am Community,

Thank you for beginning a partnership with Viator House of Hospitality. Only because of good folks like you are we able to witness miracles like the one below. May the Holy One bless you. We look forward to sharing many more good news stories in the future, as well as opportunities for all of you to be even more intimately part of the story as a volunteer or an advocate for asylum reform.

His Room Is Now Empty Because His Heart Is Full…

Omar escaped Afghanistan when the Taliban took over in 2021, managing to board a plane alone in the midst of the chaos we all saw through news reports from the Kabul airport.

At 17, he landed in the U.S., far from the family he left behind. At 18, only weeks later, we welcomed him to Viator House. I remember his call to his mother on the day he arrived to tell her he was safe.

Throughout the last year plus, Omar has worked and sent money home, helping his family pay the expenses necessary to make their own escape.

That hard work paid off just last week, when Omar reunited with his parents, two sisters and brother at O’Hare. They now live together in a north Chicago apartment.

Another Viator House Miracle That You Helped Make Happen


Fr. Corey