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A Message from Rabbi Bellows

Rabbi Bellows

April 23, 2023/ 2 Iyar 5783

Dear Friends, 

On Tuesday, April 25, we observe Yom HaZikaron, The Day of Remembrance; The Israeli Knesset established the day before Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) as Yom HaZikaron, a Memorial Day for soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the War of Independence and other subsequent wars and in recent years we have also included those who have died in terrorist attacks against Israel and her citizens. On Yom HaZikaron we remember those who fought for Israel’s right to exist and all we owe to the men and women who protect Israel from so many who wish it destroyed. It is a sad day when we understand that many of the thousands killed throughout Israel’s history were young people in the prime of their lives. There is no Israeli who does not have a family member and /or friend killed in war or terrorism. However, the issues are complex.

There is, I believe, an obligation to remember all people of peace who died because of the deep seeded conflict between the Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. The organizationCombatants for Peace is an organization whcih works towards any mutually agreed upon solution that will allow both Jewish Israelis and Palestinians to live in freedom, security, democracy, and dignity in their homeland. Once again this year, I will attend online the Combatants for Peace sponsored Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony, which demonstrates the reality of empathy and mutual respect among people. If you would like to join me and hundreds of thousands of people attending the in-person and virutal 18th annual Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony on April 24th at 12:30 cst, please click here to register

The State of Israel, a holy land shared by many, is a treasure to the Jewish People, a haven and a refuge. Despite the many conflicts we, as liberal Jews have with the current Israeli government, we celebrate Israel on April 26th, Israeli Independaence Day and her 75th Birthday. In this issue of our weekly update, I hope you will will take advantage of the many ways to celebrate Israel!

May we find joy in Israel’s Independence! We share her struggles, profound beauty, and meaning to our People. May there be Shalom for all Israel and all the world. 


Rabbi Bellows