We at Congregation Beth Am seek to achieve the following goals and, at the same time, focus on the individual student and his/her family.  We believe that sensitivity to individual needs and concerns is a vital ingredient in our educational program.

Our goals include:

Provide the student with a wholesome and satisfying Jewish experience.

Help the child arrive at some measure of self-understanding so that he/she becomes intelligent about that aspect of his total personality which is Jewish.

Enrich the character and personality of the growing Jewish child by virtue of contact with those significant elements of his/her Jewish cultural heritage, which have meaning in the present day and at the child’s particular level of development.

Provide opportunities for meaningful religious experiences, which will serve as a basis for the child’s willing and intelligent participation in the religious life and home and synagogue.

Develop in the child an identification with the Jewish people in all parts of the world, including Israel, thus leading him/her to be sensitive to its problems and instilling in him/her a desire to help in their solution.  To foster in the child a desire to preserve the unity and integrity of Jewish community life and to ensure its wholesome evolution.