Education-Gimel Tuesday (Moreh Kerman)

9/19 Today in class we worked on:

  1. Hello Gimmel Parents, Moreh Kerman here, reporting to you about our first Hebrew class. This is an amazingly talented class! I would like to thank you all for sending us your awesome children.
  2. Today, we began reviewing the Hebrew alphabet, practiced reading our flashcards, talked about Yom Kippur, went outside with Rabbi Prass and played a game, and started working on reading the Barchu.

Homework to be completed by next class:

  1. The homework for the week is reviewing the Alphabet/ vowels and working on page 4 in our text. I am looking forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday.
  2. My family and I want to wish you all a Shana Tova. May we all be bound up in the “Book of Life” for a sweet and healthy New Year.
  3. L’Shalom, Moreh Kerman