Education – Aleph Tue. (Morah Kaufman)

9/19 Today in class we worked on:

  1. It was wonderful to have your children in my class. This is going to be a fun and exciting year.
  2. We enjoyed an all-school assembly with Rabbi Prass.
  3. Our class was able to enjoy going outside with Kitah Bet class and Rabbi Prass.
  4. Today we learned three Hebrew letters: MEM (m-sound), SHIN- (sh-sound), and FINAL MEM ( m- sound) which is found at the end of the word. We learned three vowels, the” saying sound “ AH, found under the letter. 
  5. We read ALOUD pages 6-7 using the “favorites” game.
  6. Have your child show you the game Aleph Shuffle we played to show them how to read Hebrew (right to left).

 7. Lihitaot (good-bye)!

Homework to be completed by next class:

  1. Parents, you can help your child even if they don’t know Hebrew, since the English is on the back of the flashcards.
  2. Please remember tzedakah.
  3. Bring in your pocket folder; sharpened pencil, colored pencils, or markers, and the rest of your supplies.
  4. Please look at your new Aleph book and look at pages 5 for new letters and vowels.