education – 5th grade

Today in class we worked on:

  1. All School T’fillah outside led by Rabbi Prass and Morah Ari. We heard the sound of the shofar in celebration of Elul.
  2. Preformed our Rosh Hasana skits
  3. Made Rosh Hasana cards for our CBA college students
  4. Finished reading the Rosh Hasana chapter in our textbook
  5. 4th – 6th grade had Shira with Morah Ari

Today in class we worked on:
• We enjoyed a very active Sunday, starting with the Opening School Ceremony led by Rabbi Prass, who was dressed as a Candy Bar as a sign of our hopes for a sweet school year of Jewish Learning here at Beth Am. It was great to have so many parents with us.
• Getting to know you activities
• Began to talk about Rosh Hashana
• Worked on our Rosh Hashana skits
• Shira with Morah Ari and all of 4th – 6th grade