education – 4th grade

9/10: Today in class we worked on:

  1. Well after the long summer break it’s good to be back in Religious School.  This year we have an amazing 4th grade class!
  2. Rabbi Prass opened the new school year with an assembly, where both the Madrichim and Morim performed short plays to start our new term off.  Rabbi Prass blew from his long Yemenite Shofar and we were introduced to our awesome new song leader Morah Alexa!
  3. When we returned to the class, we accomplished many things.  First, we had a short introduction to the topics we are going to study this year.  Afterwards, we saw a short video, from the diverse collection of Sam Aranow, on the Gerush Sepharad of 1492 and how that set the stage for the first Jews to come to America.
  4. We saw that the first Jews arrived on American shores, in what is now New York, in 1654.  To get us ready to understand this we had a short play on where Jews lived in the 1650’s and saw which countries, such as England and Holland were good for Jews to live in, and how others, like Yemen weren’t so good.  Our class was fascinated to learn that in the Turkish Empire, where many Jews from Spain found refuge, Jewish families had to pay a tax to the government in order to practice their religion.
  5. We ended our class breaking up into groups, trying to figure out the things the first Jewish pioneers in America might need to create a community there where they could grow as Jews. 
  6. Our day was completed with Shira.  Morah Alexa began teaching us new songs, such as “Hava NeShira”, and everyone enjoyed learning from her!
  7. All in all, it was a terrific Sunday for fourth graders!
  8. L’Shana Tova-Moreh David

Homework to be completed by next class: