education – 3rd Grade

Today in class we worked on:


  1. We joined Rabbi Prass, Morah Ari, and the entire school for a morning tefillah outside.
  2. This week we learned about Creation, called B’resheet, in Hebrew. We learned about how creation came into being, from the creation of light and darkness, to land and seas, plants, then animals and fish, humans, and finally how Shabbat was created by God resting from the work of creation. We also discussed that creation is an ongoing process and life and cycles are designed to keep on going. We talked about how God created humans as a partner to care for and continue perpetuating the work of creation and maintaining the world we were given.
  3. 1st  – 3rd grade joined Morah Ari for a fun shira session where we sang songs and learned a new one about a train in Hebrew.
  4. We also began our book “Partners with God’, discussing how even though we can’t physically see God, we see evidence of God all around us in the blooming of flowers, changing color of leaves, the blowing wind, and the faces of those around us.

Homework to be completed by next class:


  1. Ask your parents about ideas for tzedakah projects we can vote on as a class for the year. Also work on the worksheet in chapter 1 of “Partners with God.”

Today in class we worked on:

  1. What a great opening day for school!
  2. We had a special opening ceremony with the whole school and parents, where Rabbi Prass sounded the shofar to begin the new year.
  3. Then we went into our class, got to know each other, and had a wonderful discussion about cycles of our lives, how circles and cycles work together in beginning, ending, and beginning again. Students listed all the different cycles they could think of – and it was a lot! – and then we looked at how surrounding all of this amazing things, God encompasses it all. We learned about how the Torah, the central learning in Judaism, means ‘teachings’ and has many lessons on how to relate to each other, how the world came to be, and origins of the Jewish people.
  4. We had a fun shira (music session) with Morah Ari
  5. Then went back to class to begin our book on how we can be partners with God in making the world a better place and how we are all created in God’s image, no matter how different we may be.
  6. We then played hodgy podgy to review what we had learned today.
  7. A really great day and wonderful way to start the new year. Thank you all and I look forward to a really good year with you all.