education – 3rd Grade

9/10: Today in class we worked on:

  1. Thank you for a great opening day of Religious School!
  2. We got to know one another, opened our day with Rabbi Prass and our families, hearing the shofar sound.
  3. Then we joined our class and began a great discussion on God and what we will be studying this year. We talked about cycles and circles and listed as many cycles as we could (life, stars, year, clocks, etc) and saw how God surrounds them all. We also learned that Torah means ‘learning’ and we will be learning about the first book of the Torah this year.
  4. We ended the day, after shirah (music), with a good game of hodgy podgy to review what we had learned.
  5. Looking forward to a wonderful year together!

Homework to be completed by next class:

  1. Bring in ideas for our tzedakah project this year to our next class.